Silo December 8, 2019

Holidays on Krk – diversity across the board

Croatia has now established itself as one of the most popular travel destinations not only during the summer season. The country scores with natural beauties, attractive sights, and crystal clear water. Kvarner Bay is popular with families, sports groups and locals alike. No matter whether you want to spend a beach holiday with a dog, go cycling or running to the island of Krk or just want to relax from the hectic pace of everyday life, you are guaranteed to be in the right place.

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A paradise for hikers

For many guests, lying on the beach all day is not enough. You would also like to get to know the holiday country and go on excursions. Active people will find a hiking paradise on the island of Krk. The network of paths covers more than 400 kilometers. If you want to explore Krk on your own and on foot, you can buy hiking maps at the following locations:

  • In souvenir shops

  • At tourist offices (Tourist Info)

  • In the post offices

  • In the hotels on the island of Krk

The network of trails is usually well signposted, walking direction, destination and approximate hiking time are shown on wooden boards. Baska in the extreme south of the island is particularly popular with hikers. A total of 19 hiking trails start from Baska. Baska is right on the coast, it pays to book a double room with a sea view here. The routes are different, the routes range from a walk along the coast to Naturist Camp Bunculuka (around 2 kilometers) to an extensive hike from Prijevoj Vraca via Veli Vrh to Prijevoj Traskavac (16 kilometers for ambitious hikers). From the destination, you can take the bus back to Baska. Every part of the island has its own charm. The best time for long hikes is clearly spring and autumn.

Cycling on Krk

Mountain bikers can also be found on the signposted hiking trails. The network of cycle paths covers 100 kilometers, but is constantly being expanded. The routes directly along the sea are particularly popular. In the pensions on Krk, in hotels and many apartments there are cycle route maps. Popular tours for mountain bikers include:

  • Departure in Malinska , over the promenade to Porat, further down to the Fumak viewpoint down to the bay, via Sveti Apolinar back to Malinska (duration: 2 to 3 hours)

  • Departure in Sveti Vid, then take the single trail on the left to Rasnopasno, further left to Suzan, where you can enjoy a wonderful view of the bay of Soline. Then head north to Njivice, the route leads via Malinska back to Sveti Vid (duration 3 to 4 hours)

Road cyclists enjoy the little-used roads on the island of Krk (unless you avoid the main connection from Krk to Baska). If you want to take a tour of three to four hours, you can, for example, drive from Krk Stadt via Kremenici, Ostrobradici, and Barusici towards the new main island road. From Punat, a cycle path was built that runs parallel to the main road. We continue over the mountain Obzovo (highest point on the island) to Baska. If you don’t want to take your own bike on holiday from home, you can rent bikes on Krk.

Accommodation on Krk

Especially if you go to Croatia during the warm season, you should look for a hotel or pension on the island of Krk with air conditioning. Even during the night, the room often remains extremely hot. The range of accommodation is extensive and ranges from simple rooms with breakfast to luxurious resorts. Family rooms on Krk are available for holidaymakers with children. As the rooms in Croatia are quite small, especially in older hotels, many families like to book apartments. In a holiday apartment, you have to take care of the catering yourself, but there is significantly more space available. Apartments and holiday homes are also a good choice for active vacationers. Here you can safely store your sports equipment such as bicycles and surfboards. If you want to travel to Krk during the main season in July and August, it is worth booking your desired accommodation in good time. If you want to save money and are flexible in terms of time, June and September are ideal travel times. In the early and late season rooms and apartments are available at significantly cheaper prices. Krk also offers a wide range of meals: you can book apartments without meals,


Krk is a diverse holiday destination for athletes, families, and people who are looking for a place to relax. Hospitable locals are available in hotels, guesthouses, and apartments, who are happy to provide tips for organizing the holiday program.